Friday, August 30, 2013

A Postcard from NYC: The Chinatown Extravaganza

The original idea was to take a walk to Chinatown, practice photography and acquire some jerky at my favorite joint, Malaysia Beef Jerky. Things took a little bit of a turn on Bayard, where I spotted a line of locals in front of the Yee Li Restaurant. Queensashy teaches that the line of locals is always a good sign, and that's how I ended up in a possession of half a pound of roasted pork and the equal amount of pork spare ribs.

Bayard street happens to be the home of another excellent jerky place, the New Beef King, so I stopped by, tempted by the curry beef chunks, the smoky, spicy nuggets of jerky they are well-know for. Somewhere on Chrystie, I stumbled upon a street cart selling tiny cakes, fifteen of them, in a bag with a red dragon, all for a dollar. To tell you the truth, I did not really want to buy the cakes. I only wanted to butter up the old Chinese Cookie Master behind this little enterprise and convince him to pose for my photo. Then I spotted another line of locals...

Things went a little bit downhill from there.

Did I mention that I am alone this week?

When I inspected the content of my shopping bag, I panicked a little, there was nothing in it but meat, endless quantities of spicy meat. I immediately bought a couple of rambutans, because, you know, one needs to eat healthy.

p.s. And to spare you from googling:

Malaysia Beef Jerky is at 95A Elizabeth Street, between Grand and Hester
New Beef King is at 89 Bayard Street
Yee Li Restaurant is at 60 Bayard Street

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