Saturday, January 5, 2013

Holding onto Things

Little Ray visited us unexpectedly today. It rarely comes in the winter. The skies are cloudy and the days short. But today it was there when I woke up in the afternoon, the room was lit up and brilliant and warm. It is funny how we never notice things until they are about to disappear. We take them for granted until we learn that we will not have them anymore. As I was watching Little Ray dance around the room, I realized that it is perhaps the last time it is coming to us. A skyscraper across the street will soon occupy the patch of the blue sky Little Ray so liked to inhabit.

Little Ray visited us unexpectedly today. It lasted for a brief two minutes, just about enough to grab a camera and take a photo of it. And as I pressed the shutter a million of wonderful memories were recorded in a megabyte in which Little Ray now resides. The long lazy summers we spent wondering around and discovering this city piece by piece. The day we brought Miss Pain from the hospital. Her first birthday. The day we moved out. And came back. All the food we cooked and all the friends we fed.

Little Ray gave us that perfect zen moment. And then it was gone. I cried briefly for Little Ray. And then it was gone too. Little Ray taught me to let it go.