In my daily life I am a scientist. Not a food scientist, more like a data scientist... In my other life, mainly on weekends, I am a photographer, illustrator and foodie. And every day, I am a student of yoga.

I have no formal food training, except for growing up in a family where every lady and occasional gentleman were cooks extraordinaire. I made my first batch of cookies at age 4, my first bread at 10 and I am still practicing. I have no formal training in photography either, except for the lessons learned from my dad and his trusted old Kiev camera he gave me when I was about seven.

I am addicted to photography, children’s books, Assam tea with a lot of milk, yoga, music from the 80’s, Oscar Wilde, Kazuo Ishiguro and Jumpa Lahiri, Modesty Blaise comics, Humboldt Fog, saag paneer and dark chocolate (not necessarily together), color, the scent of orange blossoms under the Seville sky, New York City, farmers markets, Blade Runner, nested dolls, Panton chairs and Saarinen tables, baroque still life paintings, pretty shoes, and drawing with colored pencils. 

The only food I do not eat is cilantro.

My cybername is QueenSashy.

Three little halves is a verse from the Serbian epic poems.

Here we go, now you know everything.