Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Drink of the Moment


Today is an auspicious day. I won the food52 cooking contest. And I won $7 playing Powerball! I did chip in $20, but it does not matter, a win is a win. (In case you were wondering, the winning dish is Spice Merchant Cauliflower Couscous. And in case you were wondering what possessed me to play Powerball at the first place, well that's a topic for a separate post.)

I attribute my extreme fortune to the fact that a couple of days ago, while passing by the fountain in the City Hall Park, I threw a couple of quarters and made a lottery-related wish. The only problem is, it seems that I should have specified the amount desired. Hence my seven-dollar-earnings. Make a note people next time you decide to throw your money into a fountain. Adding the three quarters to the Powerball bill, my return on investment becomes 0.337. But a win is a win, and it needs to be celebrated.

I will have a drink. My drink of the moment is Aperol Spritz. It looks like the folks around the globe share my passion -- The Guardian dedicated the entire page in June to the revival of the Aperol Spritz cocktail. I learn from The Guardian that I am about a year behind the hip people of the world in my fashionable habit of sipping Spritz. Though they seem to neglect the fact that Spritz, having originated in Venice while it was a part of the Austrian Empire, has been known to the fashionable mankind like me for much longer than last summer.

Aperol Spritz 
From the back of the Aperol bottle

* 2 parts Aperol
* 3 parts prosecco
* A splash of sparkling water
* A slice of orange
* Ice cubes

Pour the prosecco into a glass filled with ice. Add the Aperol and then a splash of sparkling water. Throw in the orange. Enjoy.


  1. I've enjoyed going back through many of your earlier posts. They are all lovely. I have a friend who orders an aperol spritz when she can find a bartender who knows how to make one. Won't she be surprised when I offer her one on her next visit. BTW, I can certainly see why your couscous won and I was pleasantly surprised to see it was made with cauliflower.

    1. Having indulged in aperol spritz for two seasons, we moved to St Germain spritz for a while (my husband is a great lover of all ladylike drinks). We are back to Aperol again :)


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