Friday, March 27, 2020

Where Streets Have No Name. March 2020. New York City. #sharingawalk

Courage is to go on about our daily lives in the face of unprecedented hardship.
By that token sometimes I am a coward and sometimes I am a hero.

I try to smile more often, joke with my family more often, and cook. I make beautiful, soulful dishes, yet I don't feel like writing about them at the moment -- it does not feel right, being in this city that cannot breathe. Perhaps next time. And, I keep walking. Not sure where, because I do not recognize the places anymore. Other than an occasional leftover of the life once lived, this is a different New York City, kinder, humbler and more accommodating. I give it a nod with my camera. Still, my photos are different and unlike any photos I took before. I don't recognize my photography anymore; just like my life, my lens does not belong to me and it captures images at its own free will. The will I have no control over. So, I obey, and adapt, and I keep walking towards that place in the distance where the empty, nameless streets merge with the horizon, where parallel lines meet, and the tall buildings rise taller. Because there is no choice really but go forward. One step at the time, one day at the time.